About The Company

Blue Trangel Trading Co., Ltd. is a member of The Abdullah Hassan Al-Rubai Group of Companies which specializes in various fields
such as contracting and agriculture as well as general
trade Bluetral trading Co., Ltd. specializes in construction equipment and drilling machinery as well as in the field
of energy. The company has established a very strong and reliable network inside and outside Yemen with
customers and suppliers and the company has expanded its product portfolio to become an exclusive distributor o
f the largest brands such as Dusan (slit and drilling equipment, power generators and lift), Bobcat (construction and drilling equipment), Kobas (road mainte
nance equipment), Almet Sil (fuel reduction devices) and other leading brands according to the needs and requirements of the local market expa
nded the best alternative energy products under the department of Petc
o Solar, as well as environmentally friendly oiland grease products (oils)


قطاع المعدات الثقيلة والمولدات

Specialists in construction equipment and drilling machinery

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قطاع الطاقة المتجددة

Manufactured to international standards and awarded for quality

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قطاع الاستهلاكي
The best products at the right prices for everyone

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